The Land of Indagar

Indagar’s time line stretches back over 1,000 years from the present time and encompasses many major events which have shaped the current universe into what it is now.

The history and state of Indagar prior to the arrival of The Minsheng Empire is mostly unwritten and undiscovered. What is known is that The Natives, the Tribes of the Forests, The Stars of Ixohtl, and the people of the the Ramal Nations were already inhabiting the continent, although not in the form of civilization that we know of them today. During this time, these peoples were un-civilized societies lacking even the basics of history or written language. The scholars simply write of them that they were barbaric peoples who had yet to come to know the bounties of science, technology, and civilization.

The Ramal Nations at this time did not exist, as the people of the Sand Seas were merely nomadic herders and wanderers living from the bounties of the desert rivers. Further, the Stars of Ixohtl roamed the entire eastern plains from the foothills of the Spine all the way to the coasts of the east. The People of the Stars have an oral history that dates during this period, and they tell that there were more Stars on the plains than just the three that we know of today, and that these Stars were extinguished during the Conquest of Arkland. Further, the Great Forest Tribes also have an oral history in the form of legends which follows that their civilization, as it is now, thrived in the Great Forest within the Spine and still practiced their worship of The Wild. Their oral history also speaks of The Natives, and that no one from the Tribes dare pass the Spine to the west for fear of them.

Not much is known of The Natives at all. The Minsheng Empire did not leave a written history of those peoples and instead passed them off into oblivion. What is known is that The Natives were the original peoples who claimed the power of The Well.

The full history, detailed timeline and additional legends and stories, are available on the wiki.

The Ashes of Konagara

Chronicles Season One: The Ashes of Konagara

Konagara, former capital of the Republic and city of The Well, now lays in ashes and unrest spreads from coast to coast. The peace and prosperity of the last thousand years is gone, and in its place rise up the greedy, the power hungry, and the zealotous. Alliances between great states are forgotten and families are torn apart as the fragility of a life without Spirits drawn from The Well becomes a reality. And slowly, the drums of war begin to sound.

The proud nations that were once a part of the Republic will seek out great men and women to lead glorious conquests or defend their homelands. Myths will come to life as these heroes are born, their successes growing their legends, until a new era of peace and prosperity can be crafted. For now, that time seems far off, as strife and fear in the face of the Reapers’ chaos rules the land.