Chronicles: The Game is a 32mm-scale, tabletop miniature strategy game set in the the fantasy land of Indagar, where you field your army of miniatures against your opponent in immersive missions and scenarios. Chronicles features fast-paced gameplay and a unique combat system that allows your models to be played as flexibly as you want while still functioning like a cohesive force.


Chronicles is a full-scale tabletop game that can be played in small, medium, and large game modes, each with their own unique mission structure and format. Choose the experience that’s right for you at the time, whether it’s for the models available or the tabletop you have to play on. In each engagement you will lead your force to battle, sometimes as a fierce warband, other times mustering the soldiers of a small army.


Chronicles differs from existing miniature games in some very significant ways:

  • Living Rules – Chronicles: The Game is always undergoing active development, and our ruleset is living. All of our rules are available on our wiki as they are updated, and each season, official rules set will be finalized for play.
  • Dynamic Unit Formations – In war, individuals will come together to overcome their foes. Similarly, Chronicles features a unique combat system where units are created dynamically to fight together based on the proximity of your models to the engagement. Once the fight is over, they return to their individual goals, waiting for the enemy’s challenge that will bring them together once again.
  • Scalable Missions and Format – Chronicles’ unique army construction rules and missions adjust based on the scale of engagement, allowing a fluid game to take shape, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all ruleset.
  • Fast Play with Less Math – Using our unique d10-based system to resolve most conflicts, Chronicles allows for faster game play, fewer modifiers, and way less math. Simply compare symbols of simultaneous dice rolls to determine the outcome of each fight, moving across the battlefield quickly as the game unfolds.
  • Chronicles Online – Chronicles Online is the first fully immersive gaming experience that builds upon your tabletop battles. Those that choose this path will join the CO community and participate in faction politics, art and story creation, and the forming of tight nit groups that play and thrive together.